TENG Inc. is a purpose-driven company that chooses to lead by example. That’s why our organization is committed to upholding our policies in the areas of Health and Safety, Environment, and Security.

General Health and Safety Rules

Compliance with TENG Inc. Health and Safety Policy and Program is a condition of employment with the Company. In addition to governmental requirements, the following general rules will apply wherever we work:

Environmental Policy

This company is committed to protecting the environment and to perform all work in an environmentally friendly manner.

We will:

Harassment & Workplace Violence Policy

It is the policy of TENG Inc. to eliminate harassment and violence in the workplace. If for any reason any member of this company takes part in harassment/violence of any kind, management will take prompt action to address it.

This company will ensure that our work environment is free from harassment of any kind.

For more information on our policies, or to learn more about our internal contractor or job site policies, email us at HR@teng.ca.